Training and Practices

At San Jose Composite Mountain Bike Team, our training and practices are a perfect blend of endurance and skill development, all while having a great time and enjoying the outdoors with friends. We believe that pushing our limits and honing our abilities is essential, but we also value the joy and camaraderie that come with mountain biking. 

Our sessions are designed to challenge and improve each rider's endurance and technical skills, all while fostering a positive and supportive environment where friendships thrive. Join us for exhilarating rides, skill-building sessions, and unforgettable memories in the great outdoors!

Ride sites

Most rides will start at Carrabelle Park. From there we ride in Calero, Quicksilver, Santa Teresa on weekdays. We strive to set meeting times and places that work with everyone’s school schedule, and aim to finish before dark. 

Saturday rides will be at varying locations such as Wilder, Saratoga Gap, Soquel Demo Forest...

Required Equipment

🚲 Functioning Bike: Mech-approved!

🪖 Helmet: Damage-free and snug.

👕 Apparel: Dress like a pro.

💦 Hydration: Water and snacks.

🌧️ Weather Gear: Check that forecast.

💊 Meds: Self-administer if needed.

🛠️ Spare Tube: Taped to your ride.

🔦 Lights: Front and rear for the trail.

😄 Positive Vibes: Big smiles for guaranteed fun!

Need a bike?

If you want to ride but don't have a bike, we have extras. Contact us for more information.

Recommended Gear